Fantaisie Enchantée

La Beauté est mon art / Beauty Is My Art !!!

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Reserve early for your desire day /Limited Parties per weekend !!!  

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Our Cast Members

Beauty Animators


Enjoy Cinderella's Manicures while she tells her story of meeting her prince Charming at the Royal Ball.

available upon request

The Little Mermaid

Become a part of her world and have your daughters hair styled by the one and only Little Mermaid!

available upon request

Snow Princess
La princesse des neige

The Snow Queens Sister !!!

available upon request



Beauty Princess

Belle enjoys reading stories and painting nails. Have your little princess receive a manicure as belle tells her Enchanted Tale
Available upon request

The Sleeping Princess

Sleeping Beauty has finally awoken from her horrible curse and she has realized she loves applying makeup. Have the sleeping princess apply your childs make up while they become a princess themselves 
Available upon request

Snow White

Snow white has so many stories enjoy one while she styles your child's hair
Available upon request



Ice Queen

Meet the Ice Queen and listen to her story all about her learning to control her icy magic as she styles your child's hair into a princess up-do or braid
Available upon request

Prince Eric

Enjoy hearing Prince Eric's stories of adventure and even shipwreck as he was saved by the little mermaid. Prince Eric loves to dance and play games he enjoys doing manicure and lite make-up on our little guests.
Available upon request

Batman, The Joker & Iron Man

Enjoy your superhero party with our favorite superhero's (and 1 favorite villain), get your hair done and face painting and play exciting games with our exciting trio cast members.
Available upon request

Our Team



Enjoy fun game while Aladdin tells you his stories from the Cave of Wonders


Enjoy a fun Party with our adventurous Moana of Motunui. As she tell the tale of her restoring the heart of Tafiti.

Harley Quinn

Have Fun with Harley Quinn ad she styles your hair and tell adventurous stories of the one and only Joker and herself